Art in Bruton - Stephen Riley

Stephen Riley is a contemporary British artist based in Bruton, Somerset, England. He uses painting, photography* and other media. This site is devoted largely to paintings. Stephen has exhibited and/or has work in collections in Germany, France, USA, China (Macau) and all parts of the UK.

His work is concerned with the language of painting in the context of its relationship with other forms of visual representation, the expectations conferred upon it by its history and practical medium of painting itself. This process of visual research results in abstract paintings which explore the tensions that occur when paintings are made and exhibited. For example: relationships between pictorial space and actual physical space in the form of depth on the picture surface; those between the formless and the rigidly controlled; and those between the traditions of painting and the image-making and abstract forms that occur beyond the gallery walls, in urban space.

*A selection of photographic works can be seen on Stephen Riley's Facebook ‘wall’ page - see 'Links'

*For Stephen Riley's professional and commercial photography, see

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