Allotments, Didsbury (greenhouse) 1990 52x76 oil on board.

News from my ART SALE

Representational paintings holding up in popularity

It has been interesting to see what people have wanted to bid for in my art sale. Whereas I expected my most recent work – which is mostly abstract – to be most popular, there is a more or less even split of interest between it and my earlier, usually representational, paintings.

In response, and to fill in holes where some have sold, I have rummaged around in my studio and found a couple more. This is one of several works I did that were inspired by a visit to an allotment in Didsbury, Manchester, on the banks of the upper reaches of the Mersey.

In fact, there are countless figurative and representational works in folios and my plan chest – studies, sketches and more – that have never made it onto here; that being a consequence of their large number and my desire to prioritise new and finished pieces. So watch this space: more new old work to come.