Process Art.

Beauty in all things again

Act of random creativity
I'm working on a painting that is very detailed and time-consuming at the moment, so don't have much new to show in that regard, but other things crop up that catch the eye. This is a cluster of toilet roll holders again, like the ones I posted the other week, but I think this is better than the last one - something about the tones and colours, and the composition created by the stresses placed on the cardboard. The shapes are to an extent random - no-one decides they should take that form - but like water freezing into snowflakes, they create and follow their own paths. Plus, of course, physics and the characteristics of cardboard and the type of forces at work dictate that there is a limit to what kinds changes of shape can happen. As the first cardboard tube is compressed to fit into the next, it gives and folds in one place; that then forms the weak point that the others follow, pushing their predecessors along to create those lovely synclines and anticlines. I guess that makes this a bit of process art.