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Stephen Riley: Artist in Bruton, Somerset

New work

new work, revisions and new site page... ...more


...photographs ...more


What does it mean? ...more

New old work

Out of the archives, revived by framing ...more

New work for 2020

New page featuring this year's output... ...more


Painting in situ ...more

New 'Sketches' page

small works on paper for sale ...more


Making space... ...more

More New Paintings

Latest from my Somerset studio... ...more

More new work...

News from my Somerset studio ...more

New paintings

Concrete abstraction ...more

New Work

News from my painting studio… ...more

'Peeler', 2004

From the archives… ...more


Photographic abstraction ...more

New Work: Paintings

Latest from my Somerset Studio ...more

New! - old work

rummaging and finding... ...more

Beauty in all things again

Act of random creativity ...more

Beauty in all things…

Acts of random creativity ...more

This Quiet Earth

Art and stuff… ...more

New work in the studio

The whiff of fresh oil paint... ...more

New Art Studio in Bruton

Somewhere to paint… ...more

Showing in ‘Made in Bruton’

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My work on show in Cheshire

New art exhibition in Macclesfield ...more

New artworks now available

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Painting Again!

Size isn’t everything…. ...more

Abstract Painting by Nature

The wind could do that ...more


Very hidden beauty ...more

Line & Mass, Bournemouth

Art on show in Dorset ...more

Other People’s Art

What can you do when you’re not doing?? ...more

A fun homage

A Wentworth banana skin ...more


Sleight of paint… ...more

A visit to At The Chapel in Bruton

Art, Tea and Empathy in Somerset ...more

Dirty Pictures!

The wickedness of photographing the landscape! ...more

I have moved and am making art in Bruton, Somerset

House move complete - ensconced in Bruton ...more


Lookin’ thru the windows… ...more

Leaving Manchester Metropolitan University

Last day in the Grosvenor Building ...more

Things you see

Impromptu use of space… ...more

Day Five of the artwork-a-day challenge

Fifth of the Five of My One a Day ...more

Artworks by volition

One of five of my one a day! ...more

My ART SALE reaches Munich

Sunken Cathedral painting heading for the Bavarian capital ...more

News from my ART SALE

Representational paintings holding up in popularity ...more

ART SALE reaches Russia!

Red circles for Red Square! ...more


If you want it, stick in a bid... ...more

New Work on Show

Art made in Tameside and exhibited in Poole ...more

Retirement of Professor David Hill

JMW Turner expert hangs up his quill; well, nearly... ...more

The Loovre to close

A loss to contemporary art in the North West ...more

Sound and Vision Exhibition, Art Works, Poole

Art - on its way from Manchester to Dorset ...more


Taking a trip down South ...more

Being an artist in Manchester

Getting seen on Google.... ...more

On Martin Amis's programme 'England' on BBC4

A rare, challenging set of views... ...more

More 'opportunities'... work for nothing ...more

More lens-less photography

facial deconstruction? ...more

Prints now available

A way of making art affordable... ...more

Art Work for Sale

Amazing piece of work to be sold! ...more

Stephen Riley featured as 'artist of the week' in Mancunian Matters

A few good words from the Manchester's online newspaper... ...more

Paul Finnegan - Sculptor

News from my friend in the South... ...more

The passing of Gunter Forg

One of Germany's leading postwar artists ...more

Best letter ever in a newspaper?!

Support for letter regarding Boris Johnson ...more

Poppy Issues

What is the meaning of the poppy and remembrance now? ...more

Being visible on search engines

A blog about moving up Google, Bing and the rest.... ...more

Art Festival 2 at Low Wood Bay Hotel

Art works by Stephen Riley - paintings and prints - on show in Windermere ...more

The Art of Australia on BBC Four

A series exploring the history and progression of the art of the other side of the World.. ...more

October 2013: new exhibitions - Jeremy Turner

New exhibitions of cutting-edge contemporary British sculpture: ...more

September 2013: Latest works in progress

What's going on the studio of Stephen Riley - Art in Tameside in Manchester ...more

'Brains' - exhibition at MOSI in Manchester

Intriguing for some; queasy for others: check out 'Brains' ...more

Have Adverts Bottomed Out?!

Is this the worst ad ever?! ...more

'Gassed' by John Singer Sargent, 1919

Famous 'horrors of war' painting ...more

May 2013: Interview given by Stephen Riley for Arts in Britain

Answering a series of questions on my work and motivations... ...more

May 2013: art exhibition at Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University

Varied work on the idea of destroying to create something new ...more

May 2013: abstract art at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

Visited the gallery during show including Callum Innes' work ...more

April 2013: new prints!!

Fine Art Prints by Stephen Riley ...more

March 2013: visual research

visual information gathering to support studio practice ...more

March 2013: works in progress

Ongoing studio art practice in Mossley, Manchester ...more

August 2012: Early Work / Juvenilia pages added to Galleries on this site

See Galleries for examples of my early work, which is largely figurative. ...more

July 2012: I am now based in Greater Manchester, UK.

I have now moved to Manchester and am in the process of setting up a painting studio and gallery connections. ...more

July 2012: I no longer have any relationship with Globe Gallery, Weybridge.

Art works of mine held there or offered for sale are so without my approval. ...more

May 2012: Stephen Riley art on show at Jane Fuest Gallery

I am very pleased to announce that as of this week a selection of my paintings will be on show in Hampshire, at the Jane Fuest Gallery in Alresford, near Winchester. ...more

April 2012: more reviews for Barsteadworth College by Stephen Riley

Reviews for Stephen Riley's tract on workplace bullying in the English education system ...more

Summer 2011: New Photography website

Photography: I now have a dedicated photography website, showing my professional and corporate photography: ...more

January 2010:The Bridget Riley Connection

Is Stephen Riley related to Bridget Riley?? ...more

Exhibitions by Stephen Riley Winter 2010-11

Winter 2010 to 11: I have art works in the winter show at: ...more

Summer 2010: Barsteadworth College by Stephen Riley gets its first review

Link text here...Barsteadworth College – How Workplace Bullies Get Away With It now has its first review and a 5 -star rating! on Amazon. ...more

April 2010: My new book is now published:

Barsteadworth College – How Workplace Bullies Get Away With It by Dr. Stephen Riley is now available in PAPERBACK (ISBN: 9781849911825) ...more

May 2006: Websites

Websites that feature art by Stephen Riley at Spring 2006 ...more