Stephen Riley, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet, February 2023

Things happening!!

Well, news is of a slightly more productive situation over the last few weeks, compared to what pertained before. Having not exhibited for ages, I had work in the Art Bank Open in Shepton Mallet and I have been invited by Yeovil Art Space to contribute to a photography exhibition called The Story of Yeovil. I guess we should indulge in that old cliché about buses: none for ages, then a bunch show up at once.

The pic above is of yours truly at the opening night of the Art Bank show. I put in some existing work – I want to put the things I’m currently working on all together, once they’re ready as a coherent body of work. Where that will happen is as yet a mystery, as is when. The torn paper on the wall behind me isn’t vandalism! – it is an effort to make the space respond to my work (the stencilled ones you can just see a bit of).

The Yeovil exhibition is much more straightforward, as it is being organised by others and I will slot into their timetable. The show will run from later this month until July. See Yeovil Art Space for more details.