Photo credit: MOSI

'Brains' - exhibition at MOSI in Manchester

Intriguing for some; queasy for others: check out 'Brains'
My former colleague at Portsmouth University, Marius Kwint, has curated a show called ‘Brains’ which is now on at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry: MOSI.

Marius is an Art Historian. Brains, however, is more of a scientific-historical survey, trawling through our uncertain and still unresolved relationship over the centuries with that palpably physical object which, in its strange, grey dumbness, remains the mysterious locus of all of our thoughts, emotions, pleasures, tastes and opinions, and even what some of us take to be our soul.

I have already seen the show once: it was initially staged at the Wellcome Collection in Euston, London in summer 2012. The presentation and curatorship were supremely professional, and the mixture of attraction, fascination and sometimes revulsion, held a varied audience in rapt attention.

I look forward to seeing how Brains looks in MOSI; to refresh myself on the exhibition and to see if the shift of time and change of venue will alter the impact of the show in some way.