Twenty Three and Five (detail)

New Work

News from my painting studio…
Time devoted to my painting studio has been limited by other forces recently. Nevertheless, I have been able to bring this, which I have been working on since last autumn, to a conclusion.

Like much of what I do, it bears a trace of my interest in architecture, as well as abstract considerations to do with geometry and formlessness, the meeting of order and entropy, and the unnoticed, incidental beauty of the environments we surround ourselves with. I could say more, but I don’t want to subtitle it too much and take away what it does without words. I should add, also, that it needs to be seen in the flesh. It is not the sort of painting that lends itself well to photographic reproduction, because surface and texture are key parts of it.

This is a detail, a close-up. The whole painting can be seen in the gallery. See Twenty Three and Five in Gallery 2016