Experimental, lens-less photograph by Stephen Riley - artist in Bruton, Somerset.

I have moved and am making art in Bruton, Somerset

House move complete - ensconced in Bruton
After all the usual high-stress argey–bargey of the removals process, I have finally completed my move to Somerset and am now living and working on the outskirts of Bruton; a place now famous in art circles for the presence of the Hauser and Wirth gallery.

For those new to me and what I do: my work has evolved over time, and is now made up mostly of structured, maybe ‘sculptural’ paintings and photography, but it continues to change and evolve. I also write and have contributed many reviews to AN Magazine (Artists’ Newsletter) and other outlets.

I have already gone some way to setting up suitable circumstances for art making and hope to make further progress in the coming weeks. The photography part of what I do relies little on this and, as always in my life, continues to represent a creative outlet when circumstances make painting difficult.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who can use an artist for commissions, teaching, projects, exhibiting and so on, or other artists/creatives who would just like to get together to bounce ideas around.