'Ruby' - Stephen Riley. Oil and mixed media on canvas. 40cm x 40cm.

Showing in ‘Made in Bruton’

Stop on by - check it out...

I am very pleased to report that I have work on show in the arts and crafts gallery ‘Made in Bruton’, on the town’s High Street.

The piece selected by the gallery’s proprietor, Fiona, is ‘Ruby’ – one of my abstract circle paintings in oil paint and other media on canvas. It is part of a series based on the notion of the imperfect circle: on the idea that only theoretical, Euclidean circles are perfect. Real circles, like people, are not. So, rather than trying to achieve geometric flawlessness, I produce semblances with fragmented and agitated paint, exploring the possibilities this confers and the poetic connotations it might suggest.

Here’s a sneak preview, but like all paintings, it is best seen in the flesh, so please do pop long and have a look. This is my first piece shown in Made in Bruton, but I hope it will be the first of many.