Stephen Riley

Back in the Studio!

The smell of the oil paint and the return of doing...
I have been out of the studio for most of the last 12 months (it is February 2023 as I write). This has not meant a cessation of creative activity, far from it: I have been editing, re-editing, finishing and promoting Soul Stories (see previous news item). However, there is a great feeling of relief in getting back into the studio to paint again. I do not know if I will write any more books; it takes the loud, unignorable arrival of a bee in my bonnet to make me write. There has to be an intense impulse to write some particular thing, and when that happens the book seems to write itself, with me as conduit. So, for now, I will be painting and pursuing opportunities to show what emerges from that. And since there is nothing new and completed to show you from the studio, here is a completely random image from the past.