Not titled photograph. 2015. Stephen Riley

I had some dreams; they were clouds in my coffee

Well, my tea…
Blogging on one’s website is one of those things you have to do to keep it active and keep search engines interested. But, ironically - for an art website, at least - it seems to me that the images that have most going for them are the ones about which least can (or should) be said. They should just be made available to be looked at.

This is not exactly news. One of the hoariest arguments in art is the one that says that art should just be for visual contemplation and that words in accompaniment are superfluous; not that that has ever prevented anyone with the inclination from writing about it anyway.

So, all I would like to say about this is that I kind of liked it and thought I should post it.

It's tea, not coffee, incidentally, but that line is so well known that I couldn't resist borrowing it.