Ponzi. 1m sq. Acrylic, collage and high gloss varnish on wood.

New artworks now available

New paintings and photos
I have posted on this site several pieces of work that have been completed over the last few months. Please click thru toNew and Recent Work Gallery to have a look.

Some of these pieces have had a long gestation period and may have been shown on here in a different or incomplete state earlier, but are now, I believe, complete, or at least definitively unfinished.

Amongst these are both photographs and paintings (and photo-derived prints). Painting has been a struggle recently for various reasons – personal and logistical. Much of this has been overcome and further paintings, not shown here, are under way, and I am very pleased with new directions that my painting is now being drawn into. More on those new works later, as they start to become a recognisable thread.

I take far more photographs than are ever shown here. Some fall into the category of ‘Fine Art’ and are experimental and not made visible because some force to make them cohere and to make to me concentrate more on them – an exhibiting opportunity, for example – has not emerged. I also take ‘proper’ photographs as a commercial activity. Those are shown on a separate website, because I see them as very different from what I do here, even if the medium is the same.

I have, however, been offered an opportunity to show some paintings and drawings at a gallery in Cheshire, later in the year. I will say more about this later. I remain interested in hearing from galleries closer to what is now home.