Goldfinger II in situ

Goldfinger in Nevada!

Work in situ...
It is always a great pleasure to see one of my paintings installed in someone’s home, to know that I have done something that makes someone happy. I am grateful for this photo of Goldfinger II in its new home in Reno, Nevada, sent to me by its new owner. I’m delighted not only that it made it all that way undamaged, but that it has been installed with such care in such a great location – it really sets it off!

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Goldfinger II was painted a few years ago, using mixed media – something I often do: acrylic paints, resin and beads on panel with timber substrate. I think of it as a medium-sized painting: 600mm x 600mm (2 feet square). To get a better look at it see:

I don’t like to explain my paintings too much as that might short-circuit things and replace visual experience with words, but suffice it to say that it is consistent with my long running themes outlined on this site’s home page.