Core. 1m diameter. Mixed media on board

ART SALE reaches Russia!

Red circles for Red Square!

I launched a sale of my artworks recently to make ready for a studio move and to clear space – mental and actual – for future work. Having publicised this matter via email, word-of-mouth and social media, I received a response from a client in Russia, and that person has bought two paintings.

I thought I should playfully hint that the client is someone high up in the Kremlin, with a taste for tough outdoor activities and having himself photographed shirtless, but that would be a tad disingenuous. Suffice it to say that it was a private purchase by a thoughtful individual with impeccable taste in art!

Some other paintings have sold to less exotic locations and the art sale rolls on. If you haven’t had a look yet, please do. I am open to offers for any work not yet spoken for. Please bid. You never know, you might get it.