01. 2020

New work for 2020

New page featuring this year's output...
I am very pleased to report that I have now put up a page on this site of my latest paintings. See Artworks 2020-.

These are all my works from the year, plus ‘Old Jingleballicks’, which I started in 2019, but wasn’t quite satisfied with and therefore continued to work on until this summer. It is December 2020 as I write, so I don’t expect to add to this list this year.

As always, these new works show a shift in interests as well as containing elements of continuity. Tensions and contrasts remain key: between control and chance, the formless and the geometric, surface and space, objecthood and representation, presence and allusion, and fragmentation and cohesion; as well as aspects of public space and the endless, often conflicting visual stimuli and messages that we pass by in the urban environment and have become largely inured to.

All are available to buy, POA. They range between three figures for the small works to four for the larger pieces. Studio visits are welcome to see the works in the flesh.

Also, this year, I put two new pages on this site of sketches. This was in response to persuasion from friends, and I am still not sure of the wisdom of making these things public – certainly they were never made with that intention. They span decades – from the 1980s to now – and feature all manner of content, from preparatory drawings to things done for my own entertainment. They are very different in scope and intent from my main body of work.

See Sketches 1 and Sketches 2.