Jeremy Turner - In the Event of Conflict, Everything Will be in Place, 2000

October 2013: new exhibitions - Jeremy Turner

New exhibitions of cutting-edge contemporary British sculpture:
My former colleague at Chester University and Bretton Hall College of the University of Leeds, sculptor, Jeremy Turner, at is taking part in two exhibitions at present:

Above and Below at Yarrangall Green Farm, Simmonds Hill, Manley, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 9DP, mobile: 07522 752 999 website:


Zeitgeist Arts Projects, ASC Studios Entrance 2, Bond House, Goodwood Road, London SE14 6BL

Jeremy and I have worked together in the past on joint exhibition projects, including ‘Means of Production’ (duo: Stephen Riley and Jeremy Turner) at New Greenham Arts, Greenham Common (the former USA air base), Berkshire in 2000. Jeremy is an amazing contemporary sculptor with a unique vision, approach to form and materials, and take on the world. Do check these events out if you can.