Cancelled Perspective IV - see gallery for more details

New Work on Show

Art made in Tameside and exhibited in Poole

I have added four new items in the New and Recent Work gallery on this site.

I am in fact just bringing three paintings to their conclusion, but these are photographs. I will show the paintings later; once I have created proper, professional quality photographs of them.

These photographs are anything but ‘as taken’. They are extensively changed and edited to create the finished article. This is why I have exhibited them as ‘art’ (at Art Works in Poole) and placed them on my ‘art’ website rather than my professional photography one. I was interested in the manipulability of photographs in specialist editing software; in particular, the way distant images can be pulled towards the viewer, so that what started out as steep perspective turns into parallel lines. My work is concerned with space and its relationship with art and the surfaces it traditionally uses. This work is an aspect of that concern.

The prints are on A4; the size of each is variable within that. They are available as limited editions. The size of the edition will depend on interest. Please enquire for further details.