Dining Room Artist's 'Studio', near Bruton, February 2016

Being an artist without a studio!

Needs must…
Forgive the naff phone photo. I do have proper photographic gear - my other job is photographer - but this will do for this snippet of news.

This is me taking over the dining room, due to lack of proper studio space. I have a show coming up in Cheshire soon, and I have been putting finishing touches to various bits of work – new, old and in-between, here in my makeshift studio. Other pieces are at the framers.

It is a constant battle for space. Smack in the middle of the domestic zone, I am in the way for almost every purpose, and keeping the cat from walking on wet surfaces is a skill in itself, as is keeping bugs off when I dare to risk the weather and work in the garden. Sadly for them, bright colours look like things of interest to bugs and they get themselves stuck.

Roll on getting a studio. One day I will look back at this and laugh. Ha ha.