Eiffel Wheel Purple Green. Stephen Riley Art, Somerset

New work – prints – in my gallery

Work available as prints
I have just loaded into my New and Recent Work Gallery a set of new prints.

Hot on the heels of new paintings added last week and a new photo print of spyholes the week before, these prints are abstractions taken from an image of the Eiffel Tower; a photograph I took some years ago on a little Parisian holiday.

It wouldn’t take a sleuth to spot that I have a thing about circles. It’s not necessarily for any profound reason, though some have made the connection between the circle and a desire to create order out of chaos. If that is the case, then it’s the subconscious at work. My conscious concern with regard to circles is that they make a useful focal point and site for artistic experimentation. Things are drawn into the centre and delimited by the circumference, and what might otherwise be an incoherent sprawl takes on a kind of figurative sense: the circle gives its contents an excuse to exist.

Here, the circle has given me an aesthetic place to take and make use of the ubiquitous profile of the Eiffel Tower. It becomes a wheel and hovers between its usual connotations and something to which it would normally have no connection. I have produced it in four colours, as each seems to have a different impact. Please check them all out in the New and Recent Work Gallery.