Salzburg 2007 Photograph by Stephen Riley

Day Two of an artwork per day

Face-off for Facebook
It is Day Two of the challenge set me by The Art Works in Poole.

As explained when I posted the first one, I am using this as an opportunity to show photographs of a sort that I would not normally include in my commercial work; things taken because I liked them rather than held any belief that they would be of any commercial use.

This is from Salzburg in Austria. A life-size photo/plywood cut-out figure stood on the street, advertising Sacher Tortes and mingling in with the real flesh and blood people.

Now I have to think of who I will nominate to take up the challenge, today. Yesterday, I poked Dave Krynski, soul man and graphic designer, based in the West Midlands. I am not sure yet whether he will rise to the one-work-a-day art challenge.