a new painting by Stephen Riley

New Painting Completed
Art in Tameside, Manchester

Something fresh in the studio...

After an enforced hiatus that I could have done without, I do believe I have finished a painting.

Those who have looked on here before may have seen a painting rather like this earlier, as I have been worrying away at this one for some time. But it is now several layers of paint deeper and, subject maybe to another coat of varnish, I think it is finished.

This is only shot on a phone so it is a meagre pic that permits little detail, but the painting has changed a great deal from its earlier guise. There are much greater variations in the orangey ‘star’ shapes than are visible here, and the background colours have changed quite a bit too. I will take a better shot on a proper camera soon and post it properly in the gallery section of the site.

It is 1 metre square and in acrylic, collage and resin on primed plywood. It doesn’t have a title at the time of writing this.