Goldfinger II 2010

Forgotten Painting

Goldfinger II
Having a bit of a sort out in the studio the other day, I stumbled upon this. I painted it in 2010, but for some reason neglected to put it onto my website, and then, as ideas moved on, I forgot all about it. It has never been exhibited in public or made visible before in any way. It will now be added to the site in the 2009-10 Gallery page.

It is multi-layered, with an acrylic under-painting visible through the translucent resin and beads, and with further acrylic applied on top. It is one of the paintings in which I explore 'actual' space on a painting surface, where representations of space are traditionally rendered.

It is acrylic, resin and beads on MDF board on a timber substrate, 600mm x 600mm.

Buy directly from the artist at a fraction of gallery prices. Available: £500 negotiable.