Glitch II (D-Day Soldier - after Spielberg) Stephen Riley 2018

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Been busy in the studios again. This is the latest completed work. As with others of the Glitch series (there will be more) it is to a degree representational, in that is is taken from life, albeit life mangled by various processes.

The Glitch series are from moments when a digital television broadcast has become momentarily mangled. I like to capture those moments and recreate them in paint, so they make to journey from the ephemeral to a medium that is often used to memorialise. As such, even though these paintings are not totally abstract - though they are to the extent that the digital mangling arbitrarily makes them that way - they are still within the range of interests that inform my usual abstract work, which might be described, in a simplified way, as concerned with surfaces and their possible disruptions.

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